Terms & Conditions

  1. If you wish to view the project demo via Google Meet or Zoom, a nominal fee of 30 INR will apply. This is an excellent opportunity to clarify all your doubts about the project and gain a full understanding before making a purchase.

  2. If you directly purchase any project from our website, you will receive only the source code, and you'll have to buy the report and PPT separately. However, if you contact us via WhatsApp(+91 8602768216) and make a payment to our mobile number through GPay, PhonePe, or Paytm, you will receive the source code along with the report and PPT.

  3. The fee we have charged is only for the soft copy of the product provided to you. If you want any modifications, customization charges are 500 INR per hour.

  4. No returns will be accepted after the purchase of the soft copy product.

  5. Additional charges will apply for setting up the project via screen sharing through AnyDesk or Zoom. For a Java project, the setup charge is 200 INR, and for PHP, Python Django and React JS projects, the charge is 100 INR.

  6. The charges for explaining the project code are 500 INR per hour.

  7. In case the project, report, or PPT files are lost from your end and need to be resent, a nominal fee of Rs 30 will be charged for the service. Please ensure to keep your files safely stored to avoid any additional charges.

  8. The prices for all products listed on the website are final. Please refrain from bargaining as a lot of effort goes into creating these products. Only contact us if you are serious about making a purchase. 🙏