Steps to Run a Python Django Project

To run the project, follow these steps:

  1. Download the zip file and extract it.
  2. Install Python on your system. - Python Downloading and Installation || Hindi
  3. Install the Django framework by running the command: pip install django . - How To Install Django in Window 10 || Hindi
  4. Install an editor such as PyCharm and/or VSCode. - How to download and install Pycharm || Hindi
  5. Open either PyCharm or VSCode.
  6. In PyCharm:

    • Navigate to the extracted project folder.
    • Open the project in PyCharm.
    • Open the terminal in PyCharm.
  7. In VSCode:

    • Open the extracted project folder directly in VSCode.
    • Open the integrated terminal in VSCode.
  8. In the terminal, install the required packages by running the following commands using pip:

    For Example:

    pip install numpy
    pip install python-dateutil
    pip install Pillow

    (Install any other required packages in a similar manner)

  9. Apply the database migrations by running the command: python migrate.
  10. Finally, execute the command: python runserver to run the project.
  11. Copy the localhost URL (e.g., and paste it into the browser's address bar, then press Enter.